How to install SBO hotfix without physical access to the AS


  • Difficult to access the AS to perform a power cycle prior to the hotfix installation
  • Impractical and/or too expensive to send engineer to site to install the hotfix

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


SBO 1.5.0 with hotfix

SBO 1.6.0 RC

SBO 1.6.1



In TPA-SBO-15-0002.02 the installation instructions for hotfix states that the Automation Server should be fully powered down (step 1 on page 2). The reason for this is to clear the memory of the AS. 


One some sites where it may not be practical or difficult to access the AS to perform a power cycle, it is also possible to achieve the same affect  by issuing a command via the PuTTY console. This simply requires a PC with the Device Administrator installed and network access to the AS.
  1. In Device Administrator, add the AS to the list
  2. Select the AS, hold down the keyboard Shift key while clicking the right-hand mouse button to access the context sensitive menu. Select the "Console" option with left-hand mouse button and PuTTY is invoked


     3. Login using the "admin" account and password and then type "reboot" followed by enter
     4.Close PuTTY and wait for the AS to come back on line, now apply the hot fix