VideoXpert: How to watch live video from Admin Portal


The Pelco Media Plugin in not installed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox


The Pelco Media Plugin is not installed by default.
Note: Google Chrome is not currently supported.


Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11 and Mozilla® Firefox® support the Pelco Media Plugin; Google Chrome does not support the Pelco Media Plugin.

The Pelco Media Plugin (PMP) enables you to view H.264 video through your Web browser. To view video using the PMP, you must be able to receive UDP traffic directly from the system containing the camera you want to view; the port over which you receive the UDP traffic is auto-negotiated when you access a PMP video stream. This typically means that you should be able to use the PMP when you have access to systems over LAN, but you will likely be limited to motion JPEG viewing when accessing systems over WAN.

  1. Validate your graphics drivers are updated.
  2. Open a web browser to the VideoXpert Core and login with [Username: admin Password: your_specific_password].
  3. Click Live at the top. Then click the hyperlink to download the file directly from the VideoXpert Core.

  4. Save the plugin to the local desktop. It's approximately 135Mb.
  5. Install the plugin accepting all the defaults once the download completes.
  6. Relaunch the web browser to the VideoXpert Core and click Live.
  7. Drag a camera from the Sources menu to the Live pane.



  • When using PTZ control, presets and patterns are not available through the admin portal.
  • The Pelco Media Plugin gives the user smoother control than the MJPEG viewer.
  • The Pelco Media Plugin is download directly from the core, therefore an Internet connection is not required.