How to install and configure Pelco Aggregation Server v2.0


Steps needed to install and configure Pelco Aggregation Server (PAS)

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco Aggregation Server (PAS) v2.0
  • SM5200 v1.5 or greater
  • DS 7.8.90 or greater


Step by Step for PAS v2.0 initial install/configuration.


Download and Install PAS

1. The SM5200 must be at least version 1.5 before you begin.

2. Download the desired Virtual Machine (VHD or VMDK), and PAS Documentation.

3. Follow the PAS User Manual and Setup/Operation Guide to get PAS Setup and functional.


Activate valid PAS License

Once PAS is installed and working, follow these steps to Activate a License.

  1. Open and Login to the PAS Web User Interface with username superadmin and the password you set during initial configuration.
  2. Enter a valid Activation ID (see LL#16135) and click Generate Request File.
  3. Save or Copy this file to a USB Flash Drive, or otherwise transfer it to an internet-capable PC to continue through steps 4 through 9.
  4. From a workstation that has Internet access, navigate to and click Login with Activation ID.
  5. Enter a valid Activation ID and click Login.
  6. Under Manage Devices click Generate Offline License.
  7. Click Browse to navigate and select the Request File from step 2, then click Submit.
  8. Download the Response File and again Save or Copy it to a USB Flash Drive, or otherwise transfer it back to a PC that can access the SM5200 Pelco Aggregation Server Webpage.
  9. At the PAS webpage click Browse to select the Response File, then click Upload License File.
  10. Verify that the license for aggregation features has been installed.