Mounting of Esprit series cameras in an inverted way.


  • When I go into the Esprit camera's menu, there is no way that I can choose to flip the video after I have installed the Esprit camera. How can I resolve this?
  • How can I install the Esprit upside down?
  • Can I install the Esprit upside down?
  • After I installed my Esprit camera in an inverted fashion, how do I rotate the video so that my view is congruent with the install of the Esprit?
  • Why is my video upside down?
  • Why can't I change the view of my Esprit?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES30/ES31 series cameras
  • ES40/ES41 series cameras
  • Esprit SE
  • Esprit HD
  • Esprit IP


Customers may be confusing the installation of the Esprit with the fact that the ExSite cameras because the ExSite cameras can be installed upside down, or, in an inverted way. The Esprit cameras cannot be mounted inverted.


There is no design, nor functionality change, to make an Esprit operate in an inverted way. The video cannot be flipped or rotated to match an inverted install of the Esprit series cameras like the ExSite cameras.


Reference - C1323M Esprit Install manual.