What type of power supply comes witht he NET5500 series encoder?


The customer requires more information on the NET5500 series encoder than is supplied with the specification sheet.

Product Line

Pelco Transmission & Power


  • NET5501-US
  • NET5504-US
  • NET5508-US
  • NET5516-US


In this case, the customer requires the power input and power supply type that comes with the NET5500 series encoder to properly configure uninterruptible power supply needs.


Currently, the NET5500 series encoders ship with a SINPRO 12V switching power supply.  The current input is 100-240V~47-63Hz at 0.55A.  This information is subject to change at any time.



For more information on this power supply, please see the Sinpro Electronics Co. Ltd website.

NOTE: Pelco part number for the power supply is ZSPNET5500-01. This can only be obtained by going through the Pelco service/repair department.