VideoXpert Ops Center Logitech G710 Keyboard and 3D SpaceMouse Pro / KBD5000 shortcuts


Quick Look up of  VideoXpert keyboard and space mouse shortcuts

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Ops Center - E1-OPS-WKS
  • 3D SpaceMouse Pro - A1-3DMOUSE
  • Logitech G710 Keyboard - A1-KBD-G710
  • Pelco KBD5000 USB keyboard


VideoXpert Logitech Keyboard and 3D SpaceMouse Pro shortcuts are needed


1. Login to VideoXpert Ops Center
2. Dock Mission Control
3. Click on the dropdown menu

4.  Select Keyboard Shortcuts


  • The Logitech G710 Keyboard Shortcuts document can also be download here
  • KBD5000 joystick Shortcuts document can also be downloaded here