Archive Utility Functional Components


Archive Utility Functional Components

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Functional Components

Each functional component of the Archive Utility system can reside on separate computers, on the same computer, or on any combination of computers.

The Archive Utility Administrator function is similar to the DSAdmin application: It does not do any of the actual archiving work, but instead connects all the pieces of the archive schedule, configuration process, and necessary hardware. The Archive Utility Administrator primarily talks to the servers. Multiple instances of the Archive Utility Administrator Application can access the same server, or they can be configured to access different servers.

Arvchive UtilitySERVER
The Archive Utility server interacts with the Administrator, storage device, database, and various DVRs whose data it archives. It performs the main work and acts like a traffic cop. After the server has been configured by the Administrator, it finds the appropriate data on the selected DVRs and exports it to the storage device where the archive database and archived data files reside. The server keeps the Administrator informed of the progress of all archive jobs and is responsible for managing the various archive schedules, data retention tasks, and sending the completion or failure notifications to the Administrator.

The storage device can be as simple as a local computer’s hard drive, local RAID drive(s), or an attached large storage device. The archive database contains records and information indicating which data files are available with dates and timestamps. The actual data files are kept in the Data folder located in the same drive or directory as the database.

The DVR records the actual live video from cameras used by the customer and stores it locally or on an attached or network large storage device. These video and audio data files are the primary input to the archiving system. Archive Utility is capable of archiving video and audio from both DigitalSENTRY and DVRs. Please see minimum DVR version requirements for the description of supported DVR versions.

Archive Utility ARCHIVE PLAYER
Archive Player is a standalone application that interacts directly with the selected archive database. Archive Player allows the user to perform time-based searches that are restricted by the start/end date and time of the archive. The result of the search is the list of video and audio streams that appear within the Archive Player GUI. Each video and audio stream represents a single video camera or audio channel. The user can then drag and drop the video stream into the rendering surface of either a single window or 2x2 view. Audio streams can be selected by checking the box next to the desired audio stream. Play Control allows the user to play and scrub both audio and video streams. All selected audio and video streams are played simultaneously.