How to convert an embedded Niagara R2 jace to a 'full' Niagara G3 / Ax jace.


Customer site is currently installed with Niagara R2.  A defective UNC has been replaced with the hybrid jace (-603 or -645) and is running the Niagara R2 station from the UNC.
In the future, if the customer converts the building to Niagara G3 / AX, what has to be done to the jace to convert it from R2 to G3?

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Niagara R2

Niagara G3 / AX jace-603 jace-645


Future considerations


If the site upgrades to Niagara G3 / AX, the customer orders part # TRD-G3-6XX for the hybrid jace.
This will transfer the R2 license to the G3 environment.
It will include any optional drivers (like Modbus) as well as Schneider-Electric proprietary drivers (like ibsASD). 
Physically, the board remains as is.