Is the maximum coaxial cable distance length accurate in the FTV series fiber modules specification sheets?


RG59 maximum coaxial cable length between the FTV series fiber module and a camera is different than the industry standard coaxial cable length of 750 ft.


Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • FTV10
  • FTV10M
  • FRV20
  • FTV40/FRV40
  • FTV160/FRV160
  • FTV320/FRV320
  • FTV80/FRV80


Pelco FTV series fiber modules to analog cameras have different signal requirements to encode analog video into digital signals for fiber optic transmission.


The analog video cable length to the FTV series fiber modules of 100 m or 300 ft is a correct manufacturer's specification limit. The analog video signal needs to maintain 6 Mhz frequency to be able to be accurately encoded into the digital fiber signal. Further distances may degrade the quality of the signal to be properly encoded through the modules.