Device Utility 2 (DU2) finds 0 devices when a new project is created.


Cannot add camera to DU2.3.1

Device utility will not find camera

A new project is created at the login screen and once open there are no cameras found. 

Adding a camera manually results in a message "Device with IP Address x.x.x.x  already exist".

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Device Utility 2.3.1


The devices (cameras) have already been added to another project.


Device Utility automatically adds any cameras found when opened to the loaded project (by default it is "My Project").  If you create a new project and would like to add a camera which was already scanned and found under another project, you will need to delete the cameras from the other project first and then rescan with the new project loaded.

  1. At the login screen, enter in the login credentials and then click the drop down menu under "Choose Project" and select projects which may have the cameras.  May need to try different projects if not sure.

  2. Locate the cameras which you would like to remove from the current project to add to another. 
    Check the boxes under the Select column next to the cameras, then right-click on one of the cameras and select Remove devices from list.

  3. Logout of the DU2 utility.

  4. Enter the login credentials and then select the new project you would like to add the cameras to.

  5. Verify the cameras are now found and added as devices to the new project.



It is also possible to just delete the entire other project if not needed.

  1. Log into the DU2 utility with the project selected you would like to delete , click on the Configure DU2 tab.  Click the Delete Project and Log Out.