Archive Utility Player errors with unhandled exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Archive Utility Player errors with unhandled exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

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Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Archive Utility
  • Archive Utility Player


The archive location is on the root of a hard drive and not located inside a folder.


The archive location will need to be moved from the root of a hard drive (example: E:\) to a folder (example: E:\ArchiveFolder).  This creates a problem with the archive job as the job cannot have the location changed once created.  You will need to remove the job (WARNING: There is an option to save data, make sure to read prompts when removing the archive) before moving the IArchive.mdb and Data files/folders to the new folder location. 

Example: Problem location on root of hard drive:


You will be able to view the archived data using the Archive Utility Player after moving DATA and IARCHVIE.MDB to a folder but the job will need to be removed and a new one created.

  1. Open Archive Administrator and connect.

  2. Highlight the job and then click on the Archive Operations menu > Pause Archiving
    Wait until the "Next Update" shows Paused (can take a minute or two)

    Note: You can take this opportunity to look over the previous configuration by selecting the Archive Streams Configuration and Modify Archive Wizard.

  3. Once you are confident the job can be recreated with the correct settings, select the Archive Operations > Remove Archive option.

    Warning:  Make sure you answer NO when prompted "Do you also wish to delete all the data in the selected archive(s)?

  4. Move the Data folder and IArchive.mdb file into a folder.
    Example: E:\[Foldername]\

  5. Open the Archive Utility Player and navigate to the new location, to view the video data click on the IArchive.mdb file.

  6. You will need to create a new location for the new job to write to, there is no way to append the existing IArchive.mdb with a new job so that data will need to backed up or set aside for viewing.

  7. Create a new job with the archive location inside a folder using the article: Installation and operation of the DS Archive Utility