The IPCT01 IP Camera Tester turns off when connecting to an IP Camera.


The IPCT01 turns off when connecting to an IP Camera

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Pelco Cameras


IPCT01 IP Camera Tester all Versions


  • The IP camera is drawing more power than the IPCT01 is configured for or capable of sustaining.
  • Hardware failure


Cameras with higher power consumption (Greater than 8.5 W) must use an external battery with the unit power setting changed to HI.  


If the tool turns off when POE is enabled, Make sure the Power level is set to compensate for the power draw of the camera:

To Configure Power Levels on the IPCT01 access the Main Menu => Select POE Setup 

After POE is configured, the IPCT01 may require a power cycle for changes to take effect.

If the device continues to turn off; the issue may be one of the following issues:

  1. The battery needs to be fully charged;
  2. The camera is overdrawing power; check the camera data sheets for power consumption, 
  3. The battery  has malfunctioned. See related topics.
  4. Hardware Failure.


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