Wire and Configure the IPCT01 IP Camera Tester for Power Over Ethernet (POE) to Use an External Power Source


The IPCT01 camera installation tool provides Power over Ethernet (POE) support. It connects directly to a camera to provide power using an External Power Source in Bypass Mode.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IPCT01 IP Camera Tester all Versions


  • Installation and Service
  • IPCT01 use as a POE Power Source.


Connect a POE power source, POE switch or Brick to the LAN/PSE IN Port on the side of the IPCT01. Connect a straight ethernet cable from the IP Camera to the LAN / PoE OUT Port .

Make sure the Power Bank switch is in the ON Position

From the Main Menu; Tap POE ON  to enable the IPCT01's POE function. The PSE indicator light will be on  which means the Tester is now providing power to the IP Camera.



The POE ON icon will change to POE OFF when POE is enabled.


Tap POE OFF to turn off the POE function.


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