Activating a relay as latching using the KBD960.


When trigger the relay using the F12 button, the relay will not stay latch.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • KBD960
  • KBR960


Activating the relay using the F12 is a momentary relay which it does not remains ON.


To activate a relay as latching:

  1. Go to Main Menu 1 and enter 1(GPI,).
  2. Select  so that it is highlighted.
  3. Select  so that is not highlighted. When   is not highlighted, any relay you activate latches (remains ON).
  4. Select . This icon becomes highlighted.
  5. Select  and then highlight auxiliary icon to turn the latched relay.

NOTE: To activate a Latched Relay, it must be done through the GPI menus.