IPM Web Access for StruxureWare


The resolution of this article has many complex steps that may result in unforeseen results if not performed correctly. If you are at all unfamiliar with the requirements, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


Logging on to IPM from the web and the default password is not recognized. An error comes up saying Invalid user.

Product Line

TAC I/NET, SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Building Operation, I/Net


The default password can be used on the I/Net side but it is not being recognized when logging in from the StruxureWare IPM.


To resolve this issue, the following step needs to be followed:

  1. From the original installation folder, find and unzip the Sboscripts.zip from ‘ \InetWeb\UpdateScript' folder.
  2. Follow the SQL patch delivery process of I/Net.
  3. Run 'Sboscripts.exe' on a DOS prompt. Enter the SQL Server Instance name and login credentials for the script to run
  4. If the SQL Serve Instance name is not known, open up DBCreate and it would be displayed on the editor, more than likely it would be 'SQLEXPRESS" or blank per the INetDB Configuration.
  5. Once the script is complete, launch StruxureWare and enter the default passwords again and it should allow you to successfully log into the program.