Are there wall mount options available for the NET5500 series encoders?


Looking for wall mount options for NET5500 encoders comparable to earlier models.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • NET5501
  • NET5504
  • NET5508
  • NET5516
  • POE16ATN


Unable to find power supplied rack mounts or other wall mount accessories similar to past NET5x00 series network encoders for the NET5500 series.


The NET5500 series encoders do not have module chassis wall mount kits such as the RK5200PS-5U or WM5x00 modules the previous series of Pelco network encoders used. 

For details of available rack mount ears that come pre-packaged with the NET5500 encoders, see the "Package Contents" section of the NET5500 encoder installation manual.

  • NET5504 Rack mount kit : ZSPNET5500-13*
    • US Power supply: NET5500-XPWR-US

NET5500 Series Video Encoder Installation Operation Manual

Note: Only the NET5501-XT and NET5501-I encoders come with wall anchors.

* This will also work with the POE8/16ATN for rack ears. Please also note that the ears will be a different color then the POEATN chassis.