DS ControlPoint: Exporting video from a Digital Sentry recorder in DS ControlPoint is extremely slow.


DS ControlPoint takes a long time to export video, the export seems to be running slowly.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint
  • Digital Sentry
  • DS NVs


  1. The export format used to export video is not the native .XPA format.
  2. The bandwidth throttle is configured in DS ControlPoint.


  1. When export video clips from a Digital Sentry recorder, using formats other then the .EXE or .XPA require a file conversion process which can add quite a bit of time to the export.  Recommend using the .EXE format which includes the .XPA video file and the DS Media Player.

  2. If the DS ControlPoint client is running multiple monitors with heavy camera count or is running on the DS server itself, there could be a bandwidth throttle configured which is limiting the camera frame rates being displayed.  The bandwidth / frame rate throttle effects Live, Playback and Exported video, in order to export at full speed you'll need to configure a bandwidth throttle override.
    1. OPTION 1: Configure a Bandwidth Throttle Override.

      1. In DS ControlPoint, navigate to SETUP > Application Settings > Bandwidth tab > Throttle Override.  Place a check mark in the "Allow override...for" with All Systems or Individual (your choice, default is All Systems.)  How long the throttle override will last be default can be set in Dwell Information > Override Length.

      2. Click OK to save.
      3. Perform a video search in DS ControlPoint on the camera which is experiencing the problem, either before starting video playback or during playback press the keyboard key B to bring up the Throttle Override window - ThrottleAssistant.  The Override Length can be adjusted manually if need.  Press the Ok button to override the bandwidth throttle again if needed, the override time will count down and display how much time is left.

        Note: The ThrottleAssistant will only display if the bandwidth throttle is configured to limit the frame rate, if the slider is set to "No Bandwidth Limit" nothing will happen when B is pressed.

      4. Playback the video while the throttle is being overridden and the audio should now be as smooth as when viewing live.

    2. OPTION 2: Disable the bandwidth throttle configured in DS ControlPoint
      1. In DS ControlPoint, navigate to SETUP > Application Settings > Bandwidth tab.
      2. Under Bandwidth Settings, drag the slider to the right until "No Bandwidth Limit" is displayed.

      3. Click OK to save.