Endura and Evolution 360 Camera Integration (EVO-05 Only, EVO-12 is not supported)


Integration of EVO-05 into Endura

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • EVO-05 series versions 1.4.7 - 1.4.10 & versions &  Version has not been confirmed to be compatible as of 11/11/2016
    Note:  01/20/2017 - Added EVO-05 version .  This version of EVO-05 includes vulnerability fixes for rlogin Service Detection, Portable SDK for UPnP Devices and Dropbear SSH Server
  • UDI5000-CAM version is required for this application.  Please contact Pelco Sales for availability @ 800.289.9100 or email pelcoinsidesales@schneider-electric.com
    Important Note:  Live viewing via Endura 360 Viewer is currently NOT supported in UDI5000-CAM version  Please contact technical for controlled release software version
  • WS5200 version
  • Pelco Export Player version
  • Endura 360 Viewer v3.7.5
  • NSM5200 version - EnduraStor Disabled


  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.66 GHz or better
  • Internal Memory: 2 GB of RAM or higher
  • Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3, 32-bit versions of Windows Vista Business SP1, or Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, or Windows Vista Enterprise SP2, Windows 7 SP1 32- or 64-bit
  • Video System: Graphics card with DirectX 9.x or later, 256 MB of dedicated RAM
  • Network: 1000 Mbps network port


  1. Where to download version for the UDI5000-CAM and the Oncam Companion App
  2. How the Evo-360 camera interfaces with Endura.
  3. What the expectations of the Evo-360 integration are.
  4. What the limitations of the integration are.


To download version 3.7.5 of the Oncam Companion App, click here.



 How to Check Evo-360
 UDI5000-CAM Ver. Set Up
 UDI5000-CAM Ver.1.4.0..0016 Set Up
 Audio Setup
 Viewing Live Video
 Viewing Recorded Video
 Viewing Exported Video
 WS5000 Version 2.6 and Oncam


How to Check OnCam Versions

  1. Open the web interface for the Oncam.
  2. Log on using user name admin and password admin.
  3. Select ADMIN on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. The software version should now be displayed.



UDI5000-CAM Ver. Set Up

  1. Select the + to add the camera to the UDI5000-CAM.
  2. Manufacturer= ONVIF
  3. Model #= ONVIF
  4. Fill in the IP Address of the Oncam Grandeye camera.
  5. User Name= admin
  6. Password= admin
  7. Click Apply



UDI5000-CAM Ver.1.4.0..0016 Set Up

  1. Select the + to add the camera.
  2. Manufacturer= ONVIF
  3. Model #= ONVIF
  4. Cannel #= Channel 1
  5. Fill in the IP Address of the Oncam Grandeye camera.
  6. User Name= admin
  7. Password= admin
  8. Click Apply


Audio Setup

Audio is not currently supported for the Evo-360  integration with Endura. 

Viewing Live Video

The Endura Companion App is used to interface the Evo-360 camera with the Endura System.  Important Note:  This feature is currently not supported in UDI5000-CAM version

  1. Open the Endura Companion App.
  2. Drag the Oncam camera from the WS5000 software to the Companion App to PTZ the camera.
    Note: Live view is accessible from the WS5000 software, however there will be no PTZ functionality.


Multiple Evo-360  cameras can be pulled from the workstation to the Companion App for live viewing and PTZ. To change the monitor layout of the Companion App, click on the monitor layout button. (Outlined in red in the image below.)
Note: Version 2.5 of the WS5000 software will only display one Oncam camera at a time.




Viewing Recorded Video

Recorded video can be played from the WS5000; however, there is no PTZ functionality. To playback the recorded video without PTZ, select the desired time on the Quick Search bar and it will playback in the Endura WS5000 software.


In order to PTZ recorded video from the Evo-360 , an Enhanced Search is needed from the WS5000 software.

  1. Click on the Enhanced Search tab in the WS5000 software.
  2. Modify the different sections to search for the desired video and click Search.
  3. The Enhanced Search Results box should populate with the results of the search.

  4. To view the playback, click on one of the results, drag and drop it into the Companion App.
    Note: Older versions of the Endura Viewer did not display a timeline, but the latest version does.




To play back video, simply use the rewind controls, manually type the time into the input boxes, or hover your mouse over the current-time indicator (or CTI -- the white line). Then, click and drag the CTI to the time desired and press the play button.


Viewing Exported Video

Video from the Evo-360 can be exported as both .pef and .avi files. The .pef format can be played in the Pelco Export Player, however when viewing in the Pelco Export Player, the image will be a fisheye view. There is no virtual PTZ or dewarping in the Pelco Export Player.

To PTZ and dewarp exported video (both .pef and .avi), the Companion App is needed.

  1. Export the Evo-360 video as either .avi or .pef. Reference LL#9486  for instructions on how to export.

    Note: The size of an hour long clip- 4.61 GB

  2. Drag the exported clip from its file location to the Companion App for viewing and PTZ.
    Note: There is not currently a timeline or timestamp on the playback video in the Companion App.