How to upgrade old parallel dongle to a keyless Continuum License.


Upgrading from older Continuum version using parallel dongle.

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Andover Continuum




The old style hardware key cannot be attached to newer machine that do not have a parallel port.  


It is not necessary to have a hardware key plugged into Continuum workstation pc when the c2v file is created.  

If you are able to read the key information and/or identify the serial number for the existing key, contact the EcoBuilding upgrade department at and provide them with the serial number of the hardware key and a c2v file that was generated on the Continuum workstation.  

If you are unable to read the key information or identify the S/N from the old dongle, contact the EcoBuilding upgrade department at  It may become necessary to sent the hardware key to the EcoBuilding Upgrade Dept to so that they can extract the serial number and key information themselves.  

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