Upgrade the CM6800 switcher software.


CM6800 MGR software Utilities is not communicating with the CM6800s.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • CM6800E-48x8


CM6800E are currently using a very old firmware v2.1 and 3.02 which makes the systems inpossible to update the firmware on the field.


To update the CM6800E:

  1. Verify that each CM6800E-48x8 unit contains the same software.
  2. Select about CM6800 from the CM6800 Programming Main Menu.
  3. Verify the version level for each CM6800E-48x8 unit.
  4. If one unit contains a lower version, complete the following steps.

    NOTE: To do a firmware field update on a CM6800E, the CM6800E must be v3.06 or higher.  Anything below v3.05, the CM6800E must be sent in to Pelco for a hardware update so it can then be udate to v3.06 or higher. 


  1. Connect a PC to the CM6800 unit (Note: you cannot connect a PC to the Expansion unit if this is the unit to be updated. Disconnect it from the Main unit beforeconnecting the PC).
  2. Incert the CM6800 Resource CD into the CD drive on the PC.
  3. When the CM6800 Resources window appears, click Untilities.
  4. On the Utilities page click the link to download the current CM6800E-48x8 software.
  5. Follow the instructions provided on the screen during the download. For additional instructions, open the file named ReadMe.txt provided on the CM6800 Resource CD in the Utilities folder.





Connecting a PC:

Connect a PC to the CM6800E to access the CM6800-MGR software or download upgrades to the software. You can connect a PC to the CM6800E through either a DB9 port or an RJ-45 port. 
You cannot use both ports simultaneously.


  1. Using a null modem cable (user supplied), plug one end into the DB9 COM1 port on the PC. (To use a Pc port other than COM1, refer to the CM6800-MGR Installation/Operational Manual).
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the DB9 COM1 port of the CM6800.

                                            PC connection to DB9 Port



  1. Using a modified null modem cable (user supplied), connect the DB9 COM1 port on the PC to an RJ-45 wall block (supplied with the CM6800E Matrix Switcher).

    NOTE: The modify null modem cable should be cut at one end so that you can connect the wires directly to the wall block pins.
  2. Using the 6-foot data cable (supplied with the CM6800E Matrix Switcher), connect the wall block to the RJ-45 COM1 port of the CM6800E.

                                                PC connection to RJ-45 Port