Pelco CM9760-CXTA - Glasskeyboard v2.13A Setup


The CM9760-CXTA is not working with the 3rd party system and needs to be isolated for testing purposes.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • Pelco CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator (D-Protocol) RS-422)
  • Glasskeyboard version 2.13A (with Extended Protocols and Advanced Features)
  • PC Windows XP or Windows 7


The CM9760-CXTA is not operating as expected due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Communications Settings are misconfigured, including the PTZ protocol, baud rate, parity, or RS-422 incompatibility
  2. Wiring is misconfigured
  3. Device(s) are blocking the coaxitron control protocol (ie. in-line, video amplifiers, baluns, surge suppressors, etc.)
  4. PTZ camera does not support the Pelco Coaxitron Protocol


Section 1: CM9760 Dip Switch Settings D Protocol
Section 2: PC to CM9760-CXTA Data Wiring
Section 3: CM9760-CXTA Video Connections
Section 4:  Glass Keyboard Software Setup


Section 1:  CM9760-CXTA Dip switch Settings (D Protocol)

  1. Power OFF the CM9760-CXTA
  2. Turn dip switch 3 to the ON (Up) position.  This will set the Protocol to D, the baud rate to 2400, and the parity to none.
  3. Turn dip switch 8 to the ON (Up) position.  This will set the receiver type to Spectra.
  4. Turn all other dip switches to the OFF (Down) position.
  5. Power ON the CM9760-CXTA

Section 2:  PC to CM9760-CXTA Data Wiring.  (Note:  For testing purposes the length of this cable should not exceed 10ft)

  1. PC (DB9) pin 5 GND to CM9760-CXTA (RJ-45) pin 8 Rx (+)
  2. PC (DB9) pin 3 TXD to CM9760-CXTA (RJ-45) pin 7 Rx (-) 

Section 3:  CM9760-CXTA Video Connections

  1. Connect a coaxial cable directly from the Pelco coaxitron camera to BNC #1 of the CM9760-CXTA
  2. Connect a second coaxial cable from the CM9760-CXTA to a monitor (75 ohm terminated)

Section 4:  Glasskeyboard Software Setup

  1. Download and install Glasskeyboard here:
  2. Click on Mode and select D Protocol
  3. Click on File then Settings
  4. Adjust the baud rate to 2400 and the parity to None.  Click Save
  5. Click on Ports then select the appropriate COM port.  This will place a checkmark in front of the COM port, in this case COM1 is the active port.
  6. Enter a 1 in the Address COM1 field.  Place the mouse cursor over the joystick, left click and hold, then move the camera.  The PTZ control will be sent out the CM9760-CXTA (BNC#1)