Oncam Grandeye Evolution 360: Can the EVO environmental pendant housing connect to a Pelco Spectra pendant arm?


Replacing an existing Spectra IV with a Evolution 360 camera, will the Evolution environmental housing screw into a Spectra IV pendant arm?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • EVO-05
  • Environmental
  • IWM Series


Replacing of existing Spectra IV with a Evolution EVO-05 camera.


Yes, the Outdoor Pendant Mount for the Evolution 360 EVO-05 has NPT 1.5 inch male pipe threads.  This will allow it to mate with the female 1.5 inch pipe threads on the IWM series pendant arms.

Part numbers of the pendant adapter required for the Evolution camera (included when the environmental outdoor model is ordered):

  • White: OBE-01-OWA
  • Black: OBE-01-OBA

Use Teflon pipe tape on pipe threads to allow compliance, sealing and alignment.