IPCT01 supported cameras


No List of Known cameras that the IPCT01 will work with

Product Line

Other, Pelco Cameras


  • IPCT01
  • Sarix line


  • Customers calling in about some Sarix cameras not working with IPCT01
  • Wrong Ip address or user name
  • Incorrect password


The following models were tested with IPCT01 and known to work or not work on the device

The following models have known to Work

  • IMP519-1                             
  • IMP519-1ER     
  • IMPS110-1
  • IME319-1ER      
  • IXP51                  
  • IME219
  • IL10-BA
  • IL10-DP
  • IXE11
  • IXE31 

 The following models have Failed to connect

  • IMP519-1E         
  • IMP110-1ER
  • IMP1110-1S
  • IME319-1S
  • IBP519-ER
  • IBP219-ER
  • IXP21
  • IMP219-1E
  • IXP31
  • IMPS110-1ER
  • IMP219-1ER
  • IMP319-1ES
  • IMP319-1E
  • IMP1110-1E
  • IMPS110-1E

The following cameras showed black video and locked up the IPCT01 after trying to Exit the video stream

  • IME3122
  • IME319-1E


Note: IPCT01 does not connect to first Generation Sarix ( IM, IE, IX, ID series ) cameras.

Does not support GRANDEYE cameras.

Does not support New Generation Sarix IME+, IMP+, IBE+, IXE+, IBP+, IJP+, IWP+

Engineering has said they will not fix this or any non able to connect to IPCT01 due to OBS status. 

This will not be fixed can return unit for credit if needed.

NOTE: There is no support for our IME+, IMP+, IJP+