Configure a Park Action on a Spectra Enhanced or Spectra HD dome.


  • Need the Spectra Enhanced to move to a home position after being idle for 30 seconds.
  • After moving camera would like Spectra HD to go to preset 1.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Spectra Enhanced
    • D6220 / D6220L
    • D6230 / D6230L
    • S6220-xxx / S6230-xxx
  • Spectra HD
    • D5220F / D5220P
    • D5230F / D5230P
    • S5220-xxx / S5230-xxx


Park Action event source is not configured.


A Park Action event source triggers an event if the camera is inactive for a specified period of time. You must configue your Park Event prior to the following steps.

Configuring a Park Action Event Source:

  1. Select Sources from the Events menu.

  2. If never configured type a Source Name and select the Type, if you have an item in the Sources list select New Source or select the Source you want to edit.
    1. Provide a name, between 2 and 23 alphanumeric characters, for the event source in the Name box.
    2. Select Park Action from the Type menu.
    3. Configure the Dwell Time (the amount of inactivity before the event handler starts).
      • Minimum time is 30 seconds and you have the options for seconds, minutes, hours and days.
    4. Note: new Spectra S6220, S6230 can select a pattern under handler.
      Under Handler: Place a Checked on "run pattern"
    5. Click Submit

      Alternate image to show full list of Type:

  3. Verify the Event Source saved.


Configuring an Event Handler: example show (Go to Preset)

You must define a preset before you can create a Go to Preset event handler - Creating a Preset on a Spectra Enhanced Dome.

The ”Go to Preset” handler activates a camera preset when a source event occurs.

  1. Select Event Handlers from the Events menu.

  2. If never configured type a Name and select the Type, if you have an item in the Handlers list select New Handler or select the Handler you want to edit.
    1. Provide a name, between 2 and 23 alphanumeric characters, for the event handler in the Name box
    2. Select the “Go to Preset” handler Type.
    3. Select a preset from the Preset drop-down menu
    4. (Optional) Set time filters to determine the days and times during which the handler will be active. If you do not select any filters, the handler will remain active at all times. All time values must be formatted in 24-hour notation.
    5. Select the source that you want to trigger this event handler.
    6. Click Submit.

  3. Verify Event Handler saved.

  4. Now the camera will move to its configured preset per the duration of time specified.
  5. If camera does not move to preset reboot camera.