Creating a Preset on a Spectra Enhanced Dome.


The Spectra Enhanced not resumming to selected preset number in park action setup.

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Pelco Cameras


Spectra Enhanced


Preset no configured in the Spectra Enhanced dome.


Setting up a preset on a Spectra Enhanced dome:

A preset is a camera possition that you can configured and call as a single command, allowing users to quickly move the camera to common positions.

  1. Select Presets from the Imaging menu.
  2. Click New Preset or select the preset you want to edit.
  3. Provide a name for the preset.
  4. Select the Focus Lock mode.

    On: The camer's focus setting are saved with the preset, and are called with the preset.This ensures that the camera uses the expected focal point any time the preset is selected.

    Off: The Preset does not retains the focus settings. This mode requires the camera to use current focus settings when preset is selected.

    NOTE: If the operator has changed the focus of the camera before the preset is selected, it is possible that the camera will be out of focus when the camera displays the preset position later.  Turn on Focus Lock to avoid this problem.
  5. Position the camera using the pan and tilt controls.
  6. Adjust the zoom and focus controls as necessary.
  7. Click Save.