VideoXpert: How to reimage VideoXpert hardware.


The software is corrupted and needs to be restored to a factory default state.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


All Pelco VideoXpert hardware units


Unstable / corrupt software


The below must be performed from a Windows 7 workstation or higher.

Version 2.0 images can be downloaded below:

Version 2.2 images can be downloaded below:

Create a bootable USB Recovery Key.

  1. Download which recovery image you will use from the list above.
  2. Extract the compressed folder.
  3. Perform the following steps to create, format, and prepare a USB key.
    1. Plug in the USB, Click on START > Search Bar and type in CMD. Right click it and select Run as Administrator and click ENTER.
    2. Type diskpart then click Enter.
    3. Type list disk then click Enter.
    4. Type select disk and the drive number (for example, select disk 2)(Make sure you select USB NOT the local hard dive) then click Enter.
    5. Type clean then click Enter.
    6. Type create partition primary then click Enter.
    7. Type active then click Enter.
    8. Type format fs=ntfs quick then click Enter.
    9. Wait for the drive to complete formatting. This may take several minutes.
    10. When formatting is complete, type assign then click Enter.
    11. Type exit then click Enter to exit diskpart.
    12. Type exit then click Enter to exit the command prompt.
  4. Click on My Computer then double click on the USB key to open it.
  5. Open the folder that was created after you extracted the zip file from Step 2.
  6. Copy all the files and folders and paste them into the root of the USB key. You can also select all the files and folders then drag and drop them into the USB key.
  7. Once the files have copied over, remove the USB key.
  8. Insert the USB key into the unit and reboot it. Follow the onscreen prompts.


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