What is duty cycle when referring to a pan and tilt such as the PT570


Need to know what the duty cycle refers to on a pan and tilt such as the PT570

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Pan and tilts such as PT570 or Esprits


The pan and tilt is given a duty cycle in percentage and time, what does this refer to?


The percentage is the amount of  time a pan and tilt can move continuously and not be in danger of damaging the motors or drive mechanism. The scanning controller needs to be set up so that in a case of  50% the motor is allowed to rest or move no more than 50% of the scan motion such as half way before it rests. This is to keep a motor cool and not allow it to over heat.

The time is the amount of time in minutes allowed before you would stop the unit  if  using continuous scanning. This also allows for cooling. The amount of time to allow for cooling should take into account the percentage given. If you run for 20 minutes it should be stopped for 20 minutes if the percentage is 50%. If the duty cycle is 25% then if  30 minutes continuous is allowed then it should rest 90 minutes or 75%

The scan controller can usually be set up for this and should control the pan and tilt so that it moves then stops for the period of time allowed.