No video from an Optera IMM12018 on a Digital Sentry recorder.


  • No video in DS Admin or DS ControlPoint.
  • DS Quick Setup does not find or list the Optera IMM camera.
  • DS ControlPoint displays a grey image in the display window for the Optera camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry 7.10.247 and above
  • Optera Series - IMM12018 Version


  1. The Digital Sentry software version is not 7.10.247 or higher. The database version has not updated to 7.10 or above.
  2. Using a Remote Desktop Connection to a PC running the DS ControlPoint client.
  3. DS Quick Setup does not detect the camera when initially scanned.



CAUSE 1  - The Digitalsentry server must be running software version 7.10.247 or above with matching database version.

  1. Run the DS Admin administrative utility on the recorder (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS Admin).
  2. In DS Admin, expand the folder structure under Available Systems and click the + next to the VAU(s) folder, now click on the system name under the VAU(s) folder directly (like a hyperlink).  This will load some configuration tabs on the right hand side - VAU Info, Serial Ports, Storage Locations....etc.  We accesses this only to see the software and database versions .
  3. With the VAU(s) system name selected, looks at the top title bar in DS Admin, there should be a DSAdmin and Database Version listed. 
    The Database version should match the first to number values of the DS Admin version.

  4. If the DS Admin version is not 7.10.247 or higher the Digital Sentry server will need to be updated.  How to upgrade DigitalSentry software
  5. If the DS Admin version is 7.10.247 or above but the database version does not match and is a lower version (e.g., follow this article to resolve: Resolve database mismatch


CAUSE 2   -   Using a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to a PC or Server running DS ControlPoint.

  1. DS ControlPoint will display a solid grey screen in the display window when trying to display video from an Optera IP camera connected via a Remote Desktop session.  In order to view and dewarp the Optera image, DS ControlPoint must be run locally on either a client PC or on the server directly.


CAUSE 3   -   The camera is not detected from the DS Quick Setup network scan.

  1. Refer to the following article (Step 10): How to add and configure an Optera IP camera to a Digital Sentry recorder.
  2. If the Camera is still not detected disable NTP configurations and test.  If successful re-configure/troubleshoot NTP Server connection.