Positioning the Camera on a IMP Mini Dome.


Unable to rotate the camera on the IMP219 to position the desire view.

Set the IMP Series Pan adjustment.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • IMP Series Mini Domes
  • IMP1110
  • IMP219
  • IMP319


Screws securing the camera needs to be loose for proper camera rotation.

The IMP1110 doesn't have a locking screw

Image is not upright


Positioning the Camera on an IMP Series Mini  Dome:


  1. Retract the dome liner.
  2. View the camera image using the browser.
  3. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to lose the screw (#5) for tilt adjustment if the camera has a locking screw.
  4. Manually rotate and tilt the camera module to position the camera.  It will turn clock/counter clockwise and eventually stop.  It only turns 355 degrees on a ratchet geared wheel.


NOTE: Do not over-rotate the module.  Excessively turning the module in one direction could result in damage to the wiring.