VideoXpert: How to set a static IP address on a Accessory Server


The Support Appliance prompts for the IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway on the initial boot only. In order to change the TCP/IP information after the initial configuration there are 2 options.

  1. Reimage the Accessory Server and assign the correct TCP/IP information.
  2. Edit the TCP/IP information via command line.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management




There is currently no way to modify the IP address of the Accessory Server via the webui once it has been initially configured.


Option#1: Reimage the Accessory Server. See LL#18170


Option#2: Edit the interfaces file via command line.

  1. Setup a monitor and keyboard on the Support Appliance.
  2. Login using (Username: pelco Password: Pel2899100)
  3. Type: sudo chmod 777 /etc/network/interfaces then click Enter.
  4. Type: Pel2899100 then click Enter.
  5. Type: vi /etc/network/interfaces then click Enter.
  6. Press the Insert key on the keyboard. It will now say INSERT on the bottom left.
  7. Use the arrow keys and edit the TCP/IP information.
  8. Press Esc on the keyboard to exit editing mode.
  9. Type: :wq!
  10. Type: sudo reboot then click Enter.