How to add a Pelco IP camera stream to a webpage.


Public web streaming to the camera is needed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Sarix cameras
  • DigitalSentry 7.9 or greater


  • Pelco IP cameras start to experience slow down when multiple people subscribe to the stream.
  • Changing the web port in a Sarix camera causes DVRs such as DigitalSentry to be unable to connect.
  • Giving public access to the web GUI of the Sarix camera may be a security risk.


Using a 3rd party RTSP or ONVIF stream program (for example: UStream):

  1. Insure the RTSP stream of the camera can be seen at the PC/Server where the Streaming software is going to be installed.  What is the URL (HTTP,RTSP) for a live stream from a Sarix camera or encoder?
  2. Follow the softwares steps to adding an RTSP stream to the system. Here is Ustream's article on how to add an IP camera 
  3. Once streaming online embed the stream into the web page.