How many IMM12 Optera IP cameras can I run on a Digital Sentry recorder?


How many Optera's can I run on a Digital Sentry?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry 7.10.247 and later
  • Optera IMM12018


Optera camera count maximum per Digital Sentry.


As stated in the DS-CPPC specification sheet:

Digital Sentry can record up to 6 Optera cameras; each DS ControlPoint workstation can view up to 2 streams simultaneously.

A DS-CPPC can view live video from up to 6 EVO-05 cameras, 4 EVO-12 cameras, or 2 Optera (IMM Series) cameras simultaneously (DS ControlPoint v7.12 and later).

DS ControlPoint tours with optera is not supported.

Note: The maximum bitrate in Digital Sentry for an Immersive stream is 12Mbps per camera with 100% Quality. The Immersive configuration is made up of two 6Mbps streams stitched together for a total of 12Mbps per Optera camera.

Per Optera Spec sheet, it will show Optera 180 uses 28Mbps, 270 and 360 using 25 Mbps, however with DS the image quality is reduced in order to throttle the bitrate.