Spectra pressurized can give false pressure readings and/or leak


The Spectra Pressurized give false readings or leak, it is noted that the pressure is more than shown or less than shown when checked at the camera with pressure tester.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


Spectra pressurized 


If the tube that goes from the pressure transducer to the outside breather valve gets kinked it can cause false pressure readings and/ or cause leaking air pressure


Check  the tube that goes to the breather from the pressure transducer. If it is kinked straighten and re-route it to prevent it from kinking. If it is real bad it will need to be replace. This tube is located on the back box circuit board and goes to the breather vent on the back box.


Band Clamp pn# AP02-5563-002A, Ensure it is securely fastened.