DX8100 Series and IP Camera Bit Rate Utilization


DX8100 memory is high.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DX8100 series
  • IP cameras


DX8100 has exceeded ip camera recommendation


Perform the following steps to determine the number of IP cameras that can be added to a DX8100 Series DVR:

  1. Select a DVR based on analog requirements (refer to Table A).
  2. Determine the available Mbps of the selected model (refer to Table B).
  3. Determine the IP camera bit rate requirements (refer to Table C).
  4. Confirm which model will support the desired number of cameras (refer to Table A). Do not exceed the maximum analog and IP cameras (located in the third column of the table).

The DX8100 Resource Meter provides a real-time assessment of available system resources for the addition of IP cameras. Installers should be prepared to make adjustments and possible
tradeoffs at a job site based on results shown by the DX8100 Resource Meter.