Update DS PelcoAPI bundle service connection and user authentication settings


  • The DS PelcoAPI Service fails after 5 to 30 seconds when started.
  • IP address change on a DS recorder caused Pelco Mobile to fails connections.
  • VideoXpert does not list cameras under DS recorders in Recorders tab.
  • VideoXpert OPS display per camera "Cannot connect to video source"

Authentication failure

Windows Application log, Source: PelcoAPI, EventID: 0, Level: Error - Scroll through and look for "Login failed for user 'admin' ".


Connection Failure

Windows Application log, Source: PelcoAPI, EventID: 0, Level: Error


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry 7.8.91 and above.
  • DS NVs
  • VideoXpert


  1. The 'admin' user account password has been changed from the default using DS Admin.
  2. The connection settings saved in the ControlPointCache.XML file is incorrect.


Update the 'admin' user account password or API connection settings by running DS ControlPoint as the DSNVSUser account

The DS PelcoAPI Service uses the ControlPointCache.XML file for connection and authentication settings.  The path to the file location: C:\Users\DSNVSUser\AppData\Pelco\ControlPointCache.XML

The PelcoAPI service runs under the DSNVSUser user account which is our default services account, in order to update the settings you must run DS ControlPoint as the services user account.

  1. Go to Services > Start Menu > Search > type Services
  2. Locate the DigitalSENTRY FrameServer, DigitalSENTRY PelcoAPI, **DigitalSENTRY Serenity, **DigitalSENTRY DSNSMRest service and stop services.

    ** optional services so may not be present

    Note: DS 7.8 and later you must stop all services that are installed from the DS Pelco API Bundle (i.e. Frame Server, Pelco API, Serenity)

  3. Press and hold the SHIFT key with a right-click on the DS ControlPoint shortcut on the desktop or start menu. 
  4. In the right-click menu select  Run as different user

  5. In the login prompt type in the user credentials User: dsnvsuser  Pass: Pelco123 (P is capital) and click OK.

    If the login fails with a message "the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer", refer to article Unable to run DS ControlPoint as or login over a network using the DSNVSUser account.

  6. In DS ControlPoint, click on the Systems tab and then right-click on the listed system. 

    Select Edit System

    If there are multiple systems listed, delete systems with information that does not match the current system.

  7. Verify the following:
    • Name: is the system hostname or computer name.
    • Hostname or IP Address: is the correct IP address for the local system.  
    • Password: If the password for the 'admin' user account has been changed in DS Admin, update the password to match.

      Click OK to save.

  8. Test the connection and password settings by double-clicking the site location and verify you get a green connected status.

  9. Exit out of the DS ControlPoint client software, open Services and start the DigitalSENTRY FrameServer, DigitalSENTRY PelcoAPI and if used the DigitalSENTRY Serenity and DigitalSENTRY NSMRest Services.

  10. Verify the service starts and continues to run without failure.