Changing the link number associated with the I/NET interface in the AS level integration to I/NET


Multiple issues caused by changing the link after discovering devices.

  • Duplicate entries of MCU devices under a sub LAN interface
  • Deleting duplicate MCUs causes MCU devices to be removed from I/NET

Product Line

TAC I/NET, SmartStruxure Solution


Automation Server integrated to I/NET


Changing the link address of the I/NET Interface should not be done after devices are discovered. If you must change the link address, do so before you have added devices to the I/NET interface.


Option 1 - 

  1. Remove all controllers from the I/NET interface.
  2. Change the link to the correct setting
  3. Re-discover the devices

Option 2 -

  1. Determine whether the AS or the I/NET controller has the correct information. (This will require I/NET software)
  2. If the AS is more correct, perform a download to the controller
  3. if the I/NET controller is more correct, perform an upload to the AS