How to add and configure an IMM12 Optera IP camera to a Digital Sentry system.


How to add a new IMM120xx Optera IP camera to a Digital Sentry recorder.

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Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Optera IMM12018 Version  Digital Sentry 7.10.247 or greater.
  • Optera IMM12027, IMM12036 require Digital Sentry software 7.12 or greater.
  • DS NVs


Add new Optera IP camera to a Digital Sentry video recorder.


Important notes from the DS 7.16 software release notes:

  • Added support for increased frame rates for Optera cameras (15, 25, 30 images per second). This feature requires appropriate Optera firmware 2.8 or later.
  • Added support for the Optera Compatibility mode - Panomersive Uni-Stream

    Note: This stream is the same quality and resolution of the default mode Panomersive H.264 but streams to DS via a single video stream instead of individual sensor streams.  Must be first configured in the cameras web interface via the 'Settings > System > General Settings' menu, then added to DS using 'DS Quick Setup > Add / Remove IP Cameras' and selecting the Immersive stream option.  The Panomersive Uni-Stream cannot be used if the DS recorder is interfacing a VideoXpert Enterprise VMS.


Important notes from the DS 7.10 - 7.12 software release notes:

  • Optera IMM series cameras need to be time syced before they are added to Digitalsentry. Refer to the following article on how to time sync the Optera Series cameras.
  • Your DS client and server must both have at least 8 GB RAM to effectively utilize Optera cameras.
  • You must use DS QuickSetup to add Optera cameras to DS and configure them.
  • DSSRV will support up to 6 Optera 180/270/360 per server
  • Due to the resources required to support high resolution immersive video, you should not attempt to view more than 2 Optera streams simultaneously.
  • DS Admin will dispaly "No Video" in the On Screen Display tab even when working properly, video must be viewed using DS ControlPoint client software.
  • You cannot retrieve video from Optera cameras on a DS system through a remote desktop connection.
  • In this release, Digital Sentry does not support the following features for Optera cameras:
    • Audio
    • ***Motion Recording  (In-Camera motion recording is now supported with DigitalSentry software v7.16 or greater and Optera camera firmware v2.8.0.9 or greater).
    • ControlPoint Tours

Optera 12MP 180

  • Requires Digital Sentry software version 7.10 or greater.

Optera 12MP  270 and 360

Requires Digital Sentry software 7.12 or greater.


Add an Optera IP camera to a Digital Sentry recorder

  1. Configure the Optera IP camera with either a reserved DHCP or static IP address.

    Default IP address with no DHCP server present is
  2. Verify you are able to connect to the Optera IP camera using the web interface.

    Note: It is recommended for the camera to be default with no user accounts created during initial configuration in DS Quick Setup.  DS Quick Setup may not successfully add the camera if a user account has been created. One exception is if the user credentials 'admin','admin' exist on the camera, DS Quick Setup will discover if the camera is time sync'd to the DVR. If a user account is needed, add the camera to the system without the account and then after creation of an account in the camera add the new user credentials via DS Admin > Camera > Edit IP Camera Settings.

    **In order for user accounts created in the Optera camera to successfully authenticate with the DSSRV, the camera must be time sync'd to the DSSRV. This is a requirement of the ONVIF standard we use to communication between the devices.  If a time server is not availabe, there is an option to use the DSSRV as a time server, refer to article: Time sync Optera to DSSRV/DSSRV2
  3. On the Digital Sentry recorder, run DS Quick Setup (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS Quick Setup)

  4. Click Next

  5. Select Add/Remove IP Cameras - Keep Existing Configuration

  6. Click Next

  7. Select how you would like to record the camera. Note: Motion recording is now supported in DigitalSentry 7.16 with Optera firmware version 2.8.

  8. Click Next

  9. The DS Quick Setup wizard will now scan the network for cameras:

    If the camera is detected and listed as "Pelco Optera", skip to Step 13

  10. If the camera is not found or listed, verify there are available IP camera licenses and then use the "Add Camera" button to add the camera manually.

  11. Enter the IP Address of the camera and select Pelco Optera for the Camera Type.

  12. Click OK to add the camera.

  13. Highlight and check the Record box for the Pelco Optera camera.

  14. With the camera highlighted, use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to configure the cameras settings.
    • Quality:   
      • Immersive:   
        • Consist of two video streams from the camera which are stitched together.
        • Optera 180 4064x2016 high resolution
        • Optera 270 2144x1440 high resolution
        • Optera 360 2048x1152 high resolution
        • 100% quality uses two 6Mbps video streams stitched together to = 12Mbps.

          Note:  To use the Immersive mode the Optera camera must be time synchronized with the Digital Sentry recorder, use an NTP server or refer to KB article: Time sync Optera to DSSRV/DSSRV2

      • Mosaic:
        • Single video stream from camera, no time sync required.
        • Optera 180 1280x1280 low resolution
        • Optera 270 864x2680 low resolution
        • Optera 360 800x2680 low resolution
        • 100% quality uses 8Mbps.

    •  PTZ:  -   Should already be enabled with Pelco Optera selected. 

    • Authentication:  -   Enter the username and password (default 'admin','admin').  Click Validate to make sure the user information is correct.

    • Recording:  

    • Motion:   -  Motion detection is supported for Optera cameras firmware version or later.

    • Audio:  -  Audio is currently not supported with Optera cameras

  15. When finished with configuration, click Next to continue.

  16. Verify camera information.

  17. Click Next and complete the wizard.

  18. When the wizard completes, DS ControlPoint should open automatically.  Wait for the red slashes to disappear and the cameras to connect.
  19. Drag-n-drop the Optera IP camera into the display, verify video.

  20. Click the  Enable Native Pelco Optera on-screen Pan/Tilt icon above the display to enable PTZ.
  21. Use the mouse wheel to zoom into the image and then the pointer with left click to pan the image.