Spectra Enhanced Alarm


Can the Spectra Enhanced trigger a preset on alarm

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra Enhanced Series


No how to wire documentation on manual or how to setup directions


To trigger a preset on alarm first setup your preset

  1. Go to Imaging
  2. Presets
  3. Position your preset and name the preset then hit save.


Create your source

  1. Go to Events tab
  2. Then Sources
  3. Click on New Source
  4. Name the source
  5. Click on type set for Alarm
  6. Alarm Bank PCP2
  7. Alarm 1
  8. Set the desired dwell time for this alarm
  9. Set the polarity for alarm
  10. Set the Supervised for alarm

Then Go into Events tab

  1. Click on Handlers
  2. Click New Handler
  3. Name the handler
  4. Type set for  go to Preset
  5. Set Preset for the preset you named earlier
  6. If a filter is required set your filter days or times
  7. Click on the sources and check mark the name of the source you set.
  8. Click on Submit

Go back to events tab

  1. Click on Sources
  2. Click on name of source
  3. Check mark the name of the handler you created.
  4. Click on Submit

To wire alarm contact

Connect wires on A + and A -

Connect wires from this to alarm source such as motion detector or alarm button ETC...

See picture below