Program a pattern on a Deputy Dome using DX4700 DVR.


  1. Unable to program a pattern on a Deputy dome using a DX4700 Pelco DVR.
  2. How to program a pattern on a Deputy dome using the DX4700 DVR?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4700 Series
  • DX4700HD Series
  • DX4800 Series
  • DX4800HD Series
  • Deputy Dome DDW10CR


User needed help understanding the programing process on the Deputy Dome when connected to the Pelco DX4700.


To progran a pattern to the Deputy Dome using a DX4700_DX4800 Series.

To begin recording pattern #1 do the following:

  1. Select the camera to a single display.
  2. Click on  to open the PTZ controls for DX4700_4800 Series DVR.
  3. Position the PTZ camera on the desire start position.
  4. Click the SET button (to enter PTZ configuration mode).


To start programming the Pattern:

  1. Click 8,0
  2. Click PRESET
  3. Use the PTZ controls icon to scan the camera through-out the diferent angles needed to be cover during the program.

To stop the pattern program:

  1. Click 8,1
  2. Click PRESET
  3. Click SET (to exit PTZ configuration mode)

To run the pattern:

  1. Click 8,0
  2. Click PRESET

 NOTE: To program pattern number two, follow the same steps but use number 79 to begin programming pattern number two or to run pattern number two if pattern number two is already programed.