MPM database information


What does default.db contain? Which objects does config.db contain? Do i need to upload both files to the MPM?

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SmartStruxure Lite


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager


Unable to download config.db from Building Expert; There are two files for the database


When the database is saved using the "save database to flash" button, the MPM saves its data into two files; config.db and default.db

1 - Configuration Objects (config.db):

The config.db file includes "system configuration objects" which show up in Building Expert when logging into a brand-new MPM.

BAC1,C2G1, CFG1, EOC1, ETH1, MOD1, SNTP1 and ZBC1

Note: Depending on the model of the MPM, some objects in the above list may not be there.

Note: CBC1 is part of default.db


2 - Control Objects (deafult.db):

Objects that are manually added in Building Expert are part of the default.db database. Some examples are

- Analog Values (AVs)

- Binary Values (BVs)

- Lua Programs (PGs)

- etc...


The following items are also part of default.db:

- Devices (ZigBee, EnOcean, Modbus etc...)

- Dashboards

- Permissions

- Login Credentials (Username and password)


Backing up the database:

The files can be downloaded by entering the following in the address bar of the browser: (assuming the IP address of the MPM is set to the default IP


To upload the database to an MPM refer to Article #18300