Digital Sentry and Sensormatic SpeedDome Ultra/Delta Dome II camera


The procedure for installing PTZ cameras on a digital sentry varies depending on the camera Manufacturer. This document covers the installation PTZ devices using internal RS-422 control:Sensormatic SpeedDome Ultra/DeltaDome II.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DS
  • DSSRV2
  • Sensormatic speeddome ultra
  • Delta Dome II camera


The following sections cover the specific installation instructions for camera. Following is a brief summary of these instructions:


To connect a Sensormatic SpeedDome Ultra/DeltaDome II to a digital sentry, you must wire the camera to the 6-pin RS-422 connector on the digital sentry. The TX– and TX+ pins on the RS-422 connector
must be wired to the RX– and RX+ pins on the camera, respectively; and the RX– and RX+ pins on the RS-422 connector must be wired to the TX– and TX+ pins on the camera, respectively (see Table 4).


Figure 8 illustrates the connection points between the digital sentry and the camera. (Drawing not to scale; Digital sentry drawing may not match your particular digital sentry model)

Sensormatic SpeedDome Ultra/Delta Dome II: Selecting Addresses
Each Sensormatic camera connected to an digital sentry must have a unique physical address from 1 to 32; on Digital sentry series systems, the address must match the video input number the camera is connected
to. To select an address, set the dials on the bottom of the dome drive or camera (see Figure 9). Available addresses are shown in Table 5. Remember to terminate the final camera in each chain using
the termination jumper on both the I/O board (see Figure 8) and the camera (see Figure 9).

See the Sensormatic speeddome ultra/Delta Dome II installation manual for more information.