Error 530, Could not connect to server when trying to connect to Xenta Server with FTP


Get "Error 530, Could not connect to server" when trying to connect to Xenta Server with FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The user name and password are correct but the FTP client can't connect.

Screenshot from FileZilla FTP Client

Product Line

TAC Vista


TAC Xenta Server 500

TAC Xenta Server 700

TAC Xenta Server 900

Issue detected in version 5.1.9


FTP has not been enabled for the user that is attempting to connect via FTP.

To confirm the issue check the following:

  • That the issue is not FTP client - try various FTP clients
  • That the password entered for the root user is correct - Log on to the Xenta Server's web interface using the root user
  • That port 21 (used for FTP) is not blocked by the firewall or at the network level - Check with telnet or make a similar test with a network tool.
  • That FTP is in fact enabled in the TAC Xenta Server - When logged in to the Xenta Server, navigate to "Configuration-Servers-FTP Server" and check that the setting is as below


  1. Log on to the device and navigate to the "Configuration-User Administration-User Administration" web page.
  2. Click on the user that has unsuccessfully attempted to connect via FTP
  3. Locate the "FTP" setting under "User settings" and change the setting to "Enabled"