Error when starting up standalone WorkPlace Tech: WorkPlace Tech has failed to launch.


When attempting to run standalone WorkPlace Tech the following message is displayed.

After attempting to launch Microsoft Office Visio, WorkPlace Tech was unable to access Visio functionality.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series


Workplace Tech version 5.8.X

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Visio 2013


A non-approved version of Microsoft Visio (Visio 2013) was installed.   

Microsoft Visio 2013 was uninstalled and replaced with Microsoft Visio 2010 SP2.  

It is suspected that the uninstall of Microsoft Visio 2013 left behind files causing this issue.


Uninstall Workplace Tech, Visio 2010 SP2 and Office 2013 and reinstall the software in the following order:

  1. Microsoft Office 2013
  2. Microsoft Visio 2010 SP2 
  3. Workplace Tech 5.8.X

Run Visio standalone, shut it down and then run WorkPlace Tech.