VideoXpert: How to setup dual core active failover.


Dual core active failover needs to be setup

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert 1.7 +
(2) CMG's
(1 or 2) D09U-ACCSVR-US


There is currently no documentation on how to setup dual core active failover.



  • Both CMG's should NOT be configured yet. Verify by going to the Config tab of Admin Portal. The Company Name field should be blank. If it has already been configured use LL#17817 to uninistall it. Reinstall as needed.
  • Both CMG's should be running the same version.
  • Both CMG's should have hostnames set.
  • Both CMG's should have static IP's set.
  • Both CMG's and the Accessory Server need to be in the same VLAN.
  • Both CMG's time and timezone must be set correctly.
  • CMG1: IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
  • CMG2: IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
  • Accessory Server:  IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
  • Virtual IP address for the core cluster
  • Both CMG's and the Accessory Server should be powered on and plugged into the network.


The below information will be used for our example.

  • Hostname: CMG1 IP: Subnet Mask: Gateway:
  • Hostname: CMG2 IP: Subnet Mask: Gateway:
  • Accessory Server Hostname: n/a IP: Subnet Mask: Gateway:
  • Core Virtual IP:


CMG Configuration:

  1. Open a web browser to CMG1 and login with [Username: admin Password: admin].
  2. Fill in the Company Name and Site Name.
  3. Checkmark Multiple Cores.
  4. Under Core Virtual Address type in the IP address provided by your network administrator.
  5. Under Core Address type in the IP address of the first CMG.
  6. Click Add Another.
  7. Type in the IP address of the second CMG.
  8. Under Connect to Media Gateway type in the Core Virtual IP address.
  9. It should look similar to the below.

  10. Click Save Configuration.
  11. A prompt will appear stating your session has expired. Click OK. Login with [Username: admin Password: admin] then click OK.
  12. You will be forced to change your password. Click Change Password.
  13. Type in your old password (admin) then input a new password twice. Click Save New Password.
  14. Click the Devices tab.
  15. The Media Gateway's are not commissioned by default. Put a checkmark next to both of them then click Commission on the upper right.
  16. After a few minutes click Load All on the left to refresh the device list. You're screen should look similar to the below.

  17. Navigate to the Admin Portal on CMG2 and validate the configuration matches CMG1.


Accessory Server Configuration:

  1. Navigate to the webpage of the Accessory Server.
  2. Next to CORE Server Address type in the IP address of CMG1.
  3. Input the admin password.
  4. Select whether or not you will enable a second support server (The second support server must be online at this time).
  5. Checkmark Run Arbiter.
  6. Enable DHCP as needed.
  7. Select the appropriate NTP mode.

  8. Click Save Configuration.
  9. A prompt will appear indicating the system was successfully configured.
  10. At this point you should be able to navigate to the Core Virtual IP.
  11. Allow 15-20 minutes of convergence time before testing Failover Functions.

Note: Make sure that the address set in Ops Center is the Core Virtual IP ( in the example):

  1. Start VideXpert Ops Center
  2. Log in to the local setup using username: localadmin and password: localadmin
  3. Change the address of the VideoXpert Server to the virtual IP address for the core cluster, in the case of the example: and save the settings.
  4. Log in to Ops Center with usual credentials after this step.