How to verify how many days of recorded video is stored on digital sentry.


How many days has the digital sentry recorded .

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS
  • DSSRV2
  • DS Control point


  • Existing harddrive in digital sentry are less for days of storage needed.


The are two ways this can be verify:

Option 1:

  1. Select "Window" icon

  2. Select  "Computer" and look for drive letter's D: drive,E,F..etc.

  3. Each drive letter will have folders from 01-12 which will represent the months in a year.

    Note: The month folder will have the 01-31 representing the days.
  4. Select the "Day" folder and verify if there is any .XPA Files.

  5. If there is XPA files that means there is video for that month or day, If there is no XPA files that means the video has been overwritten for new video storage.


Option 2:

  1. Open DS Control point

  2. Click on the "search" Icon , then select Search A simple time-based search

  3. Drag a camera into the Display layout label ("drag item here")

  4. In the Modify Search Tab you will see a Green(Time lapse) or Blue (Motion)

  5. Continue Clicking the back arrow to verify how far video can be search.
    Note: Green: (Time lapse)
               Blue: Event Storage Motion)