Optera displays gray screen in ControlPoint when bandwidth throttle is used


Optera camera shows gray video or stays frozen in ControlPoint when bandwidth throttle is used.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV2
  • ControlPoint
  • Optera
  • IMM12018
  • IMM12027
  • IMM12036


When using the Immersive stream, the camera sends out 2-5 streams(depending on model) that it must synchronize and stitch together at the client. When the client receives the frames it attempts to synchronize frames from each stream for a given time.  If all frames are not present that frame set is considered invalid and not used. when bandwidth limiting, some frames are dropped which makes it difficult to synchronize the frames for a given set.  All of the frames are needed at full FPS support for the camera to allow for proper synchronization.  Bandwidth limiting will not work with Optera if the setting is below the FPS setting for the camera. This results in the screen remaining gray while ControlPoint waits for the first acceptable set of frames to stitch together. 


In low bandwidth scenarios, it is recommended to use the Mosaic low resolution stream.  All the frames from each sensor are within this stream, therefore synchronization is not required.