VideoXpert: How to update a 4 or 6 monitor OpsCenter.


An OpsCenter needs to be updated to the latest revision.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


(1) VideoXpert OpsCenter: U1-OPS-WKS6 or E1-OPS-WKS6
(3 or 5) VideoXpert Enhanced Decoders: D09U-ENH-DEC


There is no documentation on how the enhanced decoders are updated.

When new versions of OpsCenter are released there is a firmware update for the enhanced decoders included in it (C:\Program Files\Pelco\OpsCenter\TombstoneFirmware).


Ideally you should be able to perform an in place update of OpsCenter. However various discrepancies have been reported. Product Support is recommending the below procedure.

  1. Launch OpsCenter and login with [Username: localadmin Password: localadmin].
  2. Click Configure Monitors.
  3. Click one of the decoder monitors. Click the gear icon and select Restore to factory defaults.

  4. Click Restore when prompted. Click OK when prompted.
  5. The decoder monitor will switch from green to red and will say Succesfully disconnectedThe decoder monitor should display the IP address.

  6. Click Direct.

  7. Repeat Steps 3 - 6 on the remaining decoders.
  8. Click Finish then click Save.
  9. Exit OpsCenter.
  10. Unzip the OpsCenter installer to the desktop. Do not run the setup from within the zip file.
  11. Right click the OpsCenter installer and select Run as administrator if available, if not select InstallClick Yes on the User Account Control prompt if it appears.
  12. Accept the license agreement and complete the installation.
  13. Launch OpsCenter and login with [Username: localadmin Password: localadmin].
  14. Click Configure Monitors.
  15. Click one of the decoder monitors.
  16. Select Decoder and type in the IP address that is displayed on the associated monitor. Click Connect.
  17. You will see a message indicating the decoder is being updated. It will reboot then display the background image.
  18. Repeat Step 16 for the remaining decoders.
  19. Click Finish then click Save.
  20. Login to OpsCenter.