Oncam Grandeye EVO 360 - Avoid Fogging or Condensation.


Fogging or condensation inside the bubble on a EVO-05 or EVO-12. 

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Oncam Grandeye Evolution
  • EVO-05 / EVO-12
  • Outdoor


Installation problems.


We have seen a few cases of fogging or moisture build up inside the bubble on some EVO outdoor cameras. In most instances this has been due to faulty installation processes. It is important to carefully follow the installation instructions listed in the manuals. EVO 360 outdoor cameras use Gore Vents to enable air pressure to rapidly equalize between outside and inside the enclosure while keeping out moisture and other contaminants. If during installation, the Gore Vent is blocked, or pierced, or if the waterproof seal / gasket for the trim cover is damaged, moisture can condense in the bubble.

For surface mount installations, ensure that the Gore vent is not blocked or sealed. If so this will cause build-up of condensation. A damaged Gore vent could also let moisture in. Both the rear cable rubber grommets should be kept in intact unless a cable is pulled through which will self seal.
If the camera is pendant mounted, then there is an additional Gore Vent plug supplied in with the pendant mount kit. This plug should be used by replacing the fitted conduit side entry blanking plug. This is recommended to ensure the Gore vent can still breathe when the camera is pendant mounted. Pendant mounting can otherwise seal off the airflow to the rear Gore vent plug. It is also recommended that a sunshield be used when pendant mounting an EVO camera to further minimize issues in this area.