D6220 / D6230 displays a duplicate image from another camera.


The Endura WS5200, VCD5202 or NET5402R-HD display the wrong multicast stream from the D6220 / D6230.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


D6220 / D6230 versions



The camera joined the wrong multicast group.


This will be resolved in a future ppm update. Use the below steps in the interim.

  1. Enable SSH on the device using LL#11444.
  2. Copy and paste the below into a 1 time script. This will reboot the camera(s). For instructions on how to run a 1 time script on multiple devices see LL#11581.

    sed -ir '/^(audio|endura|metadata|record_video|view_video)\.mcast\.addr = S.*$/d' /etc/settings/tharsis
    /sbin/restart.sh -s –k