Default passwords and usernames for Digital Sentry, DX, Endura, Sarix and VideoXpert components.


Default credentials are unknown.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSentry
  • Endura
  • Sarix
  • VideoXpert
    • Ops Center, CMG


A compliation of usernames and passwords for Pelco devices is needed.


If the default credentials do not work contact your System Administrator. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

  Username Password
DX Series Client   000000
DX1000   000 or 202
DX3100 Server   1981
DX4000 Server   1234
DX4500 / DX4600 Client   000000
DX4500 / DX4600 Server (Firmware 1.2 or older) ADMINISTRATOR 000000
DX4500 / DX4600 Server (Firmware 1.3 or newer) admin admin
DX8100 Client   000000
DX8100 Server v1.x  (Prompts to change password on 1st login) Admin Admin
DX8100 Server v2.x (Prompts to change but can keep default) admin admin
DX8100 Server Windows Login "Exit to Windows" dx8100adm dx8100
DS Admin / DS ControlPoint admin admin
DS SQL (v7.x.x) sa LETmein333
DS Windows Login DSServiceUser dsserviceuser
DS Windows Login (DIACAP DS version 7.7) DSServiceUser ds_Pelco@$2014
DS Windows Login (DIACAP DS version 7.14) DSServiceUser Q2_Pelco@$2016
DS Windows Login (DIACAP DS version 7.16) DSServiceUser Q1_17@$Pelc0DS
DS Services DSNVSUser Pelco123
DVXi / DVXe Administrator letmein
Endura SSH (SM5000, SM5200, NSM5200, VCD5000, VCD5202, NET5402R-HD, UDI5000-CAM, UDI5000-MTRX) root pel2899100
Endura Web Interface (SM5000, SM5200, NSM520) admin admin
Endura Windows Login (WS5050, WS5060, WS5070, WS5080) WS50x0 Administrator (Substitute the x with the model of the workstation) 2899100
Endura WS5200 Software admin admin
Sarix Web Interface admin admin
Sarix SSH root pel2899100
HA Proxy admin admin
VideoXpert Accessory Server SSH pelco Pel2899100
VideoXpert Accessory Server Webpage (v2.0+) admin admin
VideoXpert Admin Portal (This must be changed upon initial configuration) admin admin
VideoXpert Enhanced Decoder SSH decoder pelco
VideoXpert OpsCenter Local Credentials localadmin localadmin
VideoXpert Storage Server Webpage admin admin
VideoXpert Windows Login pelco Pel2899100